Is your child newly diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing? If the journey seems overwhelming, we are here to help. Your Parent Navigator will build relationships, make connections, and identify the critical next steps. With our support, you will develop the agency you need to navigate the delicate and crucial journey to language and literacy. Our experienced Parent Navigators can help because they have navigated the journey themselves.


Your Parent Navigator will establish and build your trust, guide you through the steps on your journey, and provide resources to support you when making decisions.


Your Parent Navigator will connect you with your pediatric audiologist to help you fully understand your child’s hearing diagnosis.


Your Parent Navigator will guide you to Social Services and financial resources, if needed. They can help with transportation and referrals to other public health programs.

We will make referrals to programs for children who are deaf or hard of hearing, such as Early Intervention and/or Part C and Parent Mentoring.


Your Parent Navigator will teach you about Talk with Me Baby and other ways to connect with your baby, setting them up for a lifetime of language and literacy.